Fm logistic

La logique des transports urbain

About us

FM Logistic operates its logistics services in the cluster composed of the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary since 1996, when a first branch was opened in Tuchoměřice next to the Prague airport.

The company provides its services to well-known companies from different sectors such as FMCG and luxury goods with high safety requirements and operates in several temperature regimes. With more than a thousand employees in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary, it focuses on the complexity of its portfolio, including storage and handling, national and international pallet and parcel distribution and value added services (co-packing, e-commerce, pallet management, procurement, customs services). All services, at both national and international level, are coordinated by an inhouse tool called Control Tower, even if the customer uses in its supply chain more than one supplier.

FM Logistic range of services is developed in line with its customers´ needs while maintaining the highest quality standards.


At the territory of the cluster FM Logistic currently operates 13 platforms and hubs, with a total area of ​​nearly 135,000 square meters.

ISO 9001:2009
ISO 14001:2005 
ISO 22000:2006
OHSAS 18001:2008 


Cluster governance

In response to the trend of multinational companies to centralize their logistics for Central Europe, FM Logistic grouped its branches in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary into a single unit led by one common top management. Whatever location and country the client chooses for its distribution center, through a single management, set of the communication matrix within branches and our in-house tool Control Tower, which synchronizes logistics flows in all distributed countries, we guarantee standardized services throughout your whole supply chain.


Cluster key info

  • Number of employees: 860 + 250
  • Storage area: 135 000 m2

Temperature regimes: Ambient, temperature controlled, chilled




Head Office for Hungary (FM Logistic Hungary Kft.)

Leshegy Ipari Park
Leshegyi út hrsz.: 12276/9
Tel: + 36 24 550 103

All contacts

Slovak Republic

Head Office for SK (FM Slovenská, s.r.o)

Contact details:
Priemyselná 1
926 01 Sereď
Tel.: +421 317 88 5111

Czech Republic

Head Office for CZ (FM Česká, s.r.o)

Contact details:
Ke Špejcharu 351
252 67 Tuchoměřice
Tel: +420 220 413 202