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FM Logistic: 50 years of success

50 years of success

FM Logistic is a family business. Since it was founded, in 1967, it has climbed the steps of success one by one. Today it is one of the principal international players in logistics.


  • The founders of FM Logistic : Edmond FAURE, Claude FAURE, Jean-Marie MACHET

    1967- 2014, 47 years to construct the FM Logistic that stands today. Business life is a challenge every day, especially when experiencing strong and continuous growth. It has been so for our company.
    Our success is not a coincidence. It comes from a strong legacy of family values combined with entrepreneurial spirit and common sense. With the example and a willingness to all sustain our history, the second generation has successfully taken the torch bearers with the foundations of success.
    Today, the management teams combine these values to their own expertise and skillsSo 2014 is a year full of success: great price growth companies, 2nd prize of the kings of the Supply Chain, Gold Trophy finance leaders, gold trophy of the legal department.
    Thus, it is in a shared pride in the strength of a team as we continue our story on new continents.

    Claude FAURE on behalf of the founders - Honorary President

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Founded in 1967, FM Logistic is an independent group whose story is marked by its founders' values - respect for individuals and keeping their word, team and entrepreneurial spirit, a taste for work well done and enthusiasm.  Shared and appreciated by all staff at the company, this culture is at the heart of FM logistic's success, with their turnover having exceeded one billion Euros in 2014.
During the glorious 1930s in France, two brothers, Claude and Edmond Faure decided to launch their small wood transport company. As for Jean-Marie Machet, he set about undertaking the same with the family run road transport business where he had just taken up the reigns. Mireille Machet and Claude Faure meeting influenced the fate of both families. Their marriage came with a close working relationship giving birth to the 'Faure & Machet' transport company in 1967. At that time they had 12 staff and 7 vehicles.
The company expanded very quickly. In 1976 it already had 90 employees and 75 vehicles. But it was in 1982 that the company really took off. The founders' corporate spirit and dynamism were instrumental in gaining the trust of the Mars group. 'Faure & Machet' commences with a strategic activity, warehousing. Only twenty years after being founded the company employs 300 employees and has 38,000 m2 of warehousing space in France.

The 90s: the company takes off internationally

Always listening closely to its clients, 'Faure & Machet' devises new added value services such as customised packaging the dynamic promotion of wholesale industries and stakeholders. At the start of the 90s the Group seized on the opportunities offered by the opening up of the Eastern European markets and became an international logistics pioneer in Russia and Central Europe. As a dedication to this success the Group took the name 'FM Logistic' in 1998, while still ensuring it maintained the family-run  feeling that it was always known for.
Thanks to the trust that has held the different generations of the founding families together, the company was transformed in 2002. Two years later FM Logistic set up in China and introduced a global supply chain solution from advice and design to control, right through implementation. In 2013 the Group set up in Brazil as a way of setting down roots in an-up-and-coming continent. At the same time it increased its know-how of fresh produce logistics with the acquisition of a major player in the Russian market.

The small company from Lorraine is now a giant of international logistics, located in 12 countries with 60 % of its turnover coming from abroad.