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La logique des transports urbain

FM Logistic allows you to benefit from a 'wall-to-wall' structure between the activities of warehousing and those of customised packaging or delayed differentiation. This structure is the key to reacting as it reduces distances, handling and costs. It also makes FM Logistic a privileged partner as co-packing operations leader in Europe. 
As a pioneer among logistics companies we have capitalised on our recognised expertise and make a dedicated team available to our clients. It will integrate your operational and financial requirements in order to reduce the time to market and ensure implementation of a solution integrated with your supply chain strategy.

In 2013 :


Our assets

Qualitative production tool as close as possible to your markets

Qualitative production tool as close as possible to your markets

At an international level we verify that the same requirements and level of excellence are respected in each of our countries. We use the best technologies and develop innovative tools to ensure identical quality to that of the products leaving your factories. We also guarantee rigorous flow traceability by controlling production lines integrated with the Warehousing Management System (WMS).

Solutions adapted to your supply chain

From design to distribution, our solutions are integrated with your supply chain strategy. In order to guarantee effective responses for all of your projects we work upstream in order to :

  • establish long-term partnerships with our suppliers in order to make use of the best technology and innovations;
  • set out the best practices and ensure the feasibility and quality of the finished products;
  • master the control of production lines thanks to dedicated IT tools.

Co-packing & Co-manufacturing

Closest to operations for optimal reactivity

Case study

  • United Biscuits


    Innovation and commitment are the watchwords of United Biscuits. The company's project with FM Logistic is part of its business environmental impact monitoring programme. To achieve its target of a 20% reduction in packaging used by 2015, the company is seeking an environmentally responsible solution for the thousands of promotional batches its sells in France each year.


    To date, the company has been using "flow-pack" technology: a machine creates a plastic package from non-shrinkable film which is used to wrap the products that make up the batches.  
    To replace this technology, we recommend using a repositionable adhesive. Designed and implemented entirely by FM Logistic's co-packing teams, this innovative solution was set up in just twelve weeks.


    "Once the project was agreed and negotiated, FM's compliance with its commitments was exemplary: implementation deadlines, launch and commissioning, compliance in execution and in the service levels provided.
    In a word, the quality of the relationship throughout the project: early on in the design phase, during the development that followed and in final implementation on the production line.""

    Copacking manager, United Biscuits