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La logique des transports urbain


Adopt advanced tactics.

Benefits & Services


Solutions that anticipate the development of your business

Faced with a changing and competitive environment, our project management methodology constitutes a major asset. You want to integrate a new distribution network? Set up a consolidation centre? An experienced project team is set up as a matter of course in order to assist with the development of your activity.

FM Fresh

Continually improved excellence

Also operating within their clients' hubs, FM Logistic's teams know how to set up an environment that encourages excellence and continual improvement. At ambient or controlled temperatures or in a secure area, the processes for preparing orders are optimised and meet the stores' constraints.


FM Fresh: your guarantee of flexibility and security

FM Fresh rounds off our range of services dedicated to distribution brands. This solution for cold and supply chain specialists is based on FM Logistic's management and oversight tools. All links in the chain are integrated and controlled in order to ensure the traceability and integrity of the products.