Fm logistic

La logique des transports urbain


Aim for the best performance

In the war of brands delivered by the major manufacturers of consumer goods (Fast Moving Consumer Goods), it is the flexibility and reliability of their supply chain that makes the difference. In line with their strategy covering all distribution channels right to the consumer, our solutions guarantee improved processes and levels of performance of the supply chain right to the consumer.

A real benchmark for manufacturers and distributors, FM Logistic has developed a pooled response that meets the main challenges of those involved in « Pooling ».

Our assets


Agricultural food industry

FM Logistic deploys proven tools and processes to respond to your various challenges. Within a rigorous framework of sharing and monitoring of standardised information, FM Logistic ensures the quality of operations and traceability. At ambient or controlled temperatures, our solutions meet your objectives of performance throughout the logistical chain.


Healthcare and home care products

Our solution guarantees the performance and smooth distribution of your products. Our certified sites comply with the latest standards regarding warehousing, handling and transport of hazardous goods. Rigorous procedures regulate all hazards in a safe environment. Everything is managed by a powerful IT tool integrating the standards for managing these products.