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La logique des transports urbain


Your logistics, a competitive asset

Every manufacturer is unique: every one of their logistics chains constitutes an original plan that can be tested and improved upon. The issue is further complicated by the fact that players in the sector are faced with imperatives that are sometimes contradictory: the distance and multiplicity of suppliers, the obligations of just-in-time production, the fragility and market value of products, the risk of counterfeiting, etc.

FM Logistic uses to the full its knowledge of the major business sectors and its total expertise in the supply chain to propose tailor-made solutions adapted to all your constraints: international transport, cross-channel distribution (B2B and B2C), customs operations, security and traceability of products, co-packing and delayed differentiation, etc. 

Benefits & Services

Your logistics, a competitive asset

For players in the sector, just-in-time production is a strategic imperative. By optimising your level of service, our dedicated solution strengthens your relationship with your clients. Thanks to the setting up of an organisation in tune with your economic model, it meets all your tactical requirements. Benefiting from our recognised know-how in coordinating centres of delayed differentiation, it optimises your stock levels and reduces the time taken to reach the market.

Tailor-made solutions at the service of your competitivity

Proactive, FM Logistic designs services that ensure gains in performance. A process implemented in three stages:

  • We gain an insight into your logistics problems,
  • We design the solution in step with your economic model,
  • We ensure it is deployed and its operational excellence.

Nissan Testimony

  • Due to the distances and insufficient transport infrastructures, delivering on time remains complicated in Brazil. The situation is however improving, and there is significant potential for development in the country. In order to optimise our logistics models we entered into partnership with FM Logistic in 2013. We work closely together with the main aim of continuously reducing costs over the long term. It is this culture of continual improvement and operational excellence that we share with FM Logistic. "

    Tai Kawasaki, After-sales Director for Nissan in Brazil