Safety of people, traceability of products and compliance to regulatory requirements are mandatory. At FM Logistic, we go beyond leveraging innovative solutions secured by our long-term healthcare division expertise.

Safety of people, traceability of products and compliance to regulatory requirements are mandatory. At FM Logistic, we go beyond leveraging innovative solutions secured by our long-term healthcare division expertise.

  • 75,000

    m² of dedicated warehousing space

  • 7

    dedicated pharma operations

  • 15

    years of growth

  • 1.5 M

    deliveries per year (transportation)

Healthcare logistics

The healthcare sector is going through a period of intense transformation. Manufacturers, research organisations, hospitals and healthcare professionals are facing increasing cost pressures, complexities and risks. The industry is also facing challenges from changing disease target groups, scientific developments and increasingly complex regulations. Because lives are often at stake, pharmaceutical logistics requires services tailored to each need, combining professional discipline, operational excellence and continuous improvement. Getting the right drug or medical device to the right place at the right time safely and in full compliance with the regulation: nothing is more vital than healthcare logistics performance when it comes to providing healthcare professionals with the means to treat their patients.

More than 15 years ago, we considered that healthcare logistics was specific enough to be dealt with by specific expert teams and resources. This is why we have created FM Logistic healthcare division, regrouping our staff and premises specifically dealing with Health operations for Pharmaceutical products and medical devices.

As a leading expert in transport and warehousing logistics, we strive to develop innovative healthcare logistics solutions that help your company be more efficient. Our transportation offices are located in 14 countries and offer dedicated healthcare operations with expertise in health logistics requirements of the pharmaceutical industry. We work closely with our customers, providing sustainable and comprehensive supply chain solutions every day, from units to pallets, packages to truckloads. And for all pharmaceutical distribution networks: wholesalers and pharmaceutical groups, medical device manufacturers, clinics and hospitals, laboratories, pharmacies and patients.

FM Logistic is the provider you can count on to meet the unique challenges of healthcare from end-to-end visibility, omnichannel supply chain and regulatory compliance required by your sensitive products.  

We operate locally to act globally on Supply Change

No matter where we are, we take actions locally supported by the power of an international group. Our One FM model allows us to tailor our activities according to local realities and markets. By adding this local touch, we make a difference to our customers and employees and we play a positive role in each region we operate.

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Ensure a safe supply chain thanks to regulations and temperature control

FM Logistic implements very high standard procedures for its customers, on all platforms. Handling Pharmaceutical products (temperature controlled products, psychotropics products, etc.) and Medical devices we provide a safe and fully compliant environment, ensuring high quality operations and products safety.

Your goods are handled with the greatest care and to the highest international and local standards: specific and documented procedures, control of restricted areas, anti-intrusion systems, rigorous staff selection and training, temperature control in both warehousing and transport. We preserve the integrity of your products through special handling and tracking, including full traceability of shipments, closed cold chain solutions for drugs, protection against theft and counterfeiting and compliance with all legal regulations. 

Our healthcare supply chain solution ensures that time and temperature sensitive products reach their destination safely. Depending on goods, FM Logistic offers the right solution to store and deliver our customers’ products. Everywhere FM Logistic is located, we provide our customers with dedicated platforms that fit their needs. We can offer three different temperature ranges in our warehouses to our customers:

  • Cool: storage between 2°C and 8°C
  • Ambient: storage between 15°C and 25°C
  • Frozen: -20°C

We monitor and control temperature and humidity through WIFI sensors, BMS (Building Management System) computer system and alarm system based on GMS.

Optimise product availability and security through rigorous real-time, traceable Supply chain monitoring

For patient safety and responsiveness, the Healthcare industry needs full traceability to ensure visibility and control of their activities throughout the supply chain.

FM Logistic uses all dedicated solutions for healthcare supply chain management and control at its disposal. These solutions allow tracking, tracing and performance information, ensuring full visibility of warehousing and distribution operations as well as proactive management of any malfunction.

Furthermore , FM Logistic complies with all the latest requirements regarding traceability and serialisation of the products, as well as full temperature control monitoring when required.

Flows’ traceability and products’ integrity are ensured by validated warehousing, secondary packaging and distribution processes as well as information systems compliant with Pharma rules. FM Logistic teams are fully trained to pharmaceutical major stakes and pharmacists on site ensure that operations are run according to good manufacturing and distribution practices.

Optimise your network with state-of-the-art Countries and Regional solutions

Healthcare professionals are looking for supply chain solutions that suit their distribution strategies for their different product ranges: centralised stock and regional distribution, direct sales to pharmacies, delivery to hospitals etc.

FM Logistic healthcare’s operations and footprint allow you to store and distribute your products in the best conditions possible and in full compliance with International and local regulations, as well as your highest standards.

Our geographical footprint allows us to provide you with both domestic, but also regional solutions. To develop a regional approach, we set up two combined solutions:

  • Regional platforms operating as hubs 
  • Regional transportation

With years of expertise in co-packing, FM Logistic healthcare division is able to provide consistent healthcare logistics solutions to optimise secondary packaging and sustainable display options. We help you boost your sales while fostering a more responsible supply chain. We propose a wide range of solutions for secondary packaging customisation, labelling, GMP labelling and late differentiation. All our secondary packaging operations are compliant with Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP).

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