Scalability | Modularity | Expertise
  • 1/3

    of FM Logistic CO2 emissions related to warehousing activities

  • 2030

    carbon neutrality for FM Logistic platform (scope 1-2)

  • 14

    sites LEED™ or HQE® certified on ecodesign

  • 4 M


Whatever the category, or the type of product you are dealing with, the question of outsourcing logistics is always good to raise. It tackles the topics of product availability, storage cost and product flow optimisation.

At FM Logistic, we continuously improve our contract logistics to give you the best competitive edge. Our warehousing services and handling solutions are at the core of our activities.

From design to management, our logistics platforms are certified to handle all types of products, including dangerous goods. Whether you have high-volumes to manage or specific requirements in terms of compliance and safety, our multi-client and multi-activity set up guarantees the flexibility and optimisation of both warehousing processes and costs. This approach allows better stock management by pooling resources.

Let’s design and run responsible supply chain together

We strive to develop innovative and best-in-class warehousing services. Your business efficiency and bringing a positive impact for the people and the planet is what matters to us. We build our logistics platforms to limit our environmental impacts respecting constraining ecodesign standards. In addition to that, we are convinced that logistics platforms can become a source of renewable energies for local territories, this is why we invest in on-site energy production. We collaborate with our clients, suppliers and local authorities to build those sustainable ecosystems.